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Briquetting Plant Project is counted as more advantageous and better choice of earning money and provides pollution free environment in India as well as in foreign countries. It is the process to converting Agricultural, Forest and Industrial wastes into biomass briquettes. In short, you can say that we make best out of waste. This plant is the best renewable energy for healthy environment and economy. In brief we can explain, it is machinery which is capable of binding all types of agro-forestry waste into finished Briquettes.

Briquetting Plant Manufacturer

Briquetting plant project is connected to bio energy.  Through this plant you can produce biomass briquettes which are also known as ‘White Coal’ in the industry.These are produced from agriculture waste and when burning these briquettes they will not create any pollution. Furthermore, Government supports this project more and more due to its eco friendly features.

Briquettes which are produced by our manufactured array of Briquetting Plant are also known as white coal and this is completely made by binder less technology. Biomass briquette plant is placed where biomass or agro forestry waste is available within the surrounding area and can be available in a very large quantity. Also this plant is invented to make our environment healthy and greener.

Biomass Briquetting Plants

Biomass Briquetting Plants is mostly made of green waste and other organic materials. These are commonly used for electricity generation, heat, and cooking fuel. Materials from which we make briquettes including wheat straw, mustard waste, sunflower waste, sugarcane, maize stalks, bajra cobs, rice husk, bagasse, ground nut shells, municipal solid waste, or anything that contains high nitrogen substances. As industries realize the benefits of decreasing pollution, installation of Briquetting Plant and use of briquettes has been steadily increasing day by day.

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